Patented technology

A processing method of anti deformation for TAC lens

ZL 2016 1 0325937.5

The invention discloses a processing method of anti deformation for TAC lens, which includes the following steps: S1, providing a treatment device of anti deformation, which includes an upper pressing die and a lower pressing die matched with the upper pressing die; the upper pressing die is an arc-shaped protuberant structure with a heating device or a cooling device inside it; the lower pressing die is an arc-shaped groove structure with a heating device or a cooling device inside it; S2, providing a bent shaped TAC lens, and setting it on the lower pressing die, the surface of the bent shaped TAC lens is coated; and S3, applying a predetermined pressure between the upper pressing die and the lower pressing die, meanwhile, controlling the temperatures of the upper pressing die and the lower pressing die to keep different temperatures between them and to keep the bent shaped TAC lens warm and pressure for a predetermined time, and finally obtain the anti deformation TAC lens. The invention also provides a processing device for anti deformation TAC lens.

Utility model patents:A deceleration and anti-dizzy sunglasses lens

Patent No:ZL 2019 2 1671662.6

The utility model patent relates to a deceleration and anti-dizzy sunglasses lens, which comprises a lens body, the thickness of the lens body is gradually increased from two sides to the middle, and the transverse curvature of the lens body is 700, and the longitudinal curvature is 400. The utility model applies the ophthalmology & optometry principle, through the unique design of the radian of the lens body, makes it consistent with the radian of the human face, improves the incident angle of the light, so as to improve the symptoms of carsickness and seasickness of the wearer, and reduce the discomfort caused by the carsickness and seasickness.

Utility model patents:A laser pattern lens

Patent No:ZL 2018 2 1730762.7

The utility model patent relates to a laser pattern lens, which comprises a lens body, where a laser pattern area and a non pattern area are formed on it; the lens body in the non pattern area comprises a lens substrate and a Cr layer, a coating layer and an oil proof layer arranged on the outer side of the lens substrate in turn; the lens body in the laser pattern area comprises a lens substrate and the outer side Cr layer and coating layer arranged in turn. The number of coating layers in the laser pattern area is less than that in the non pattern area. The lens body is divided into laser pattern area and non pattern area, in which, by reducing the number of coating layers in the laser pattern area, the color presented in the laser pattern area is changed to make the color difference between the laser pattern area and the non pattern area on the lens body, so as to form a stable and clear pattern in the laser pattern area, and the formation of the pattern will not affect the clarity of the non pattern area.

Quality system

EYEPOL has international advanced testing instruments, and its testing capability covers ISO international Sunglasses standard, ANSI American sunglasses and safety glasses standards, GB national standard spectacle lens standards, and QB Sunglasses industry standards, etc.; the testing objects include sunglasses, goggles, ski goggles, etc.; and it takes the lead in the use of MY-SAP-ERP management system in the glasses industry. All products are strictly in accordance with ISO9001, MES production system and other international standards. Scientific quality control system and strict quality inspection process further ensure the excellent quality of products.

It can meet international or national test reference standards:


Equipment display

EYEPOL has the domestic leading dust-free production workshop, AI intelligent manufacturing equipment, a complete set of mold machinery, and testing equipment, etc., and constantly independently innovates, researches and develops the latest technology and equipment, to provide effective guarantee for R & D and production, and ensure to meet the new needs of customers with excellent products and high-quality services.

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